19. Focus Award // Fachhochschule Dortmund // 18. – 20. May 2011

Ed Annink Ed Annink Ed Annink Ed Annink Ed Annink Ed Annink Ed Annink Ed Annink

Ed Annink

Ed Annink is partner at Ontwerpwerk multidisciplinary design in The Hague the Netherlands. He works internationally as product designer, curator, initiator and writer. He works with outstanding international labels such as Driade, Authentics, Droog Design, Royal VKB and Purple South. The products and exhibitions he initiated curated and designed have been awarded and published internationally. Being interested in the culture of design and as design advisor he co-operates with several international design initiatives such as ExperimentaDesign in Lisbon. As design organizer and educator he was co-initiator and dean of FunLab, a Masters Degree in Experience and Scenario Design at the Design Academy in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. As teacher he created an innovative conceptual design education procedure based upon images. With this »image toolbox« he led for Vitra Design Museum international summer workshops in France between 1994 and 2003. Ed Annink initiated several design related exhibitions, catalogues and books, a.o; Bright Minds, Beautiful Ideas (2003), Lovely Language (2008), Norm=Form, about design and

standardization (2010), The style of the state (2010) and Gerd Arntz, graphic designer (2010).

He was responsible head curator, curator and organizer for the second edition of Utrecht Manifest 2007. In summer 2010 the first edition of the international biannual »Design and Government«, for which he is the initiator and the responsible head curator, took place in Den Haag, Essen (RUHR.2010) and Berlin.

Ed Annink is interested in the why of design and for who we design and produce. He wants to know about the international generic and specific motives for design. He wants to bridge between culture and economy, involving cultures and sub cultures. The quality is in his curiosity and talent to connect people and activities. The monograph »Ed Annink, Designer« was published in April 2002.

Monika-Brandmeier Monika-Brandmeier Monika-Brandmeier Monika-Brandmeier Monika-Brandmeier Monika-Brandmeier Monika-Brandmeier

Monika Brandmeier

Monika Brandmeier studied Visual Communications at the Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts, and after that Liberal Arts in Braunschweig und Düsseldorf. Since 2001 she is a professor for Sculpting at the Dresden University for Visual Arts. Her works are usually irritatingly calm and they find their expression in a culmination of plain material or medial issues. Her sculptures, photographies and drawings are alwasy about the perception of the world as a construction and projection and about the deconstruction of simple coherences, which are caught up in the work through their inherent law. Monika Brandmeier's works were dispalyed in many exhibitions. Important solo exhibitions were in the Hamburger Bahnhof, the Museum für Gegenwart in Berlin, the Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago and the Leonhardi-Museum in Dresden. A monograph designed by Markus Dreßen was published at Verlag für Moderne Kunst in 2009. Monika Brandmeier lives in Berlin and Dresden.

Eva Gronbach Eva Gronbach Eva Gronbach Eva Gronbach Eva Gronbach Eva Gronbach Eva Gronbach

Eva Gronbach

Eva Gronbach has international reputation and she caused a stir with her collection »Dèclaration d'amour à l'Allemagne« in Bruessel (LaCambre) and Paris (IFM).

Since 2005 she is developing the streetwear label »german jeans« alongside her official collection. A classy, authentic and modern jeans collection developes based on original worn digger clothing from the Ruhr area.

In the year 2006 Eva Gronbach designs the official german Fan Shirt für Germany during the football WM.

In 2007 Eva Gronbach gains the comission to design the uniforms for the european high speed train Thalys.

Her enthusiasm for real creativity got her to developing fashion design courses at german schools, in order to discover together with the students the magic of fashion and in doing so discover oneself.

Lars Harmsen Lars Harmsen Lars Harmsen Lars Harmsen Lars Harmsen Lars Harmsen Lars Harmsen Lars Harmsen Lars Harmsen

Lars Harmsen

Lars Harmsen, was born in Hannover, did a apprenticeship as a artwork printer, studied graphic design in Basel und Pforzheim and is co-owener und Creative Director of the agency MAGMA Brand Design (founded 1996) in Karlsruhe. Since 2008 he is the Creative Director at Melville Brand Design in Munich. He has been working as a academic at the Pforzheim and Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences and Arts. He is a member of the ADC.

Since 2011 he is a professor für conception and layout/typography at the Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Art, Department of Design.

He is founder of the type foundry Volcano-Type and of the typography blog and magazine slanted. He published Typodarium/Hermann Schmidt and is author and editor of design and typgrafie books, e.g. Versus/DGV, BASTARD/Actar, Wii love Arts/Kehrer,

TypoLyrics/Birkhäsuer, Design Inspirations /Daab, TypoShirt/Index Book, Rockers/Prestel. Lars Harmsen was speaker at various conferences (a.o. Typo Berlin, Colophon/Luxembourg, ICTVC/Thessaloniki, Face-to-Face/Stuttgart, European Design Conference/Zurich, Select/Barcelona, Esquina Norte/Tijuana). He won many awards of relevant design competitions.

Lars Henkel Lars Henkel Lars Henkel Lars Henkel Lars Henkel Lars Henkel Lars Henkel Lars Henkel

Lars Henkel

Lars Henkel, born in 1973 in rome, italy is working as an illustrator and teaches at the moment at the Folkwang-university of the Arts in Essen. Next to his free projects he works for international customers like Geo-magazine, Ride-Snowboards, Universal-Records. His works were honored including by »American Illustration«, »Society of Illustrators«, »3x3« and »ADC«. 

Laurent Lacour Laurent Lacour Laurent Lacour Laurent Lacour Laurent Lacour Laurent Lacour Laurent Lacour Laurent Lacour

Laurent Lacour

Laurent Lacour studied visual communications and art at the Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach am Main.

He is an associate of the design studio hauser lacour, based in Frankfurt am Main. Hauser lacour carries out extensive award winning corporate design projects. He designed corporate identity programs and communication projects for the Deutsche Börse Group, Munich Re, Bavarian Re and Siemens. But also in the cultural sector i.e. the CD for the Museum of Modern Art Frankfurt, the Frankfurter Kunstverein and the Museum of Contemporary Art Siegen and many more institutions and companies. Laurent Lacour developed book- and magazine design, like the actual design of Form, the making of design.

He is working between the borders of art, science and design. He teached visual communication as design research in the universities of Zürich, Basel, Karlsruhe and

Darmstadt (Karlsruhe and Darmstadt as guest-/deputy professor). In April 2011 he starts his "ordentliche professur" at the university of applied sciences, Düsseldorf.

Harald Lesch Harald Lesch Harald Lesch Harald Lesch Harald Lesch Harald Lesch

Harald Lesch

Prof. Dr. Harald Lesch was born 1960 in Giessen, there and in Bonn, he studied physics. Since 1955 he teaches theoretical physical astronomy at the Ludwig- Maximilian-University and since 2002 aswell natural philosophy at the college for philosophy in munich. Besides his professorship, Harald Lesch started 1998 to moderate broadcastings which engage in research and physics. For his dissertation he received the Otto-Hahn- medal from the Max-Planck- company, the Bennigsen – sponsorship- award of NRW as well as the award for “publicity in science” of the Grüter-donation in 2004.

Harald Lesch knows how to build a brige between the high complex world of science and generality. Therefor he founded the bases in his broadcast “alpha centauri” , in which he responds to elementary questions of physics. In addition to his numerous bookpuplications, Harald Lesch developed further broadcasts, as “Lesch & Co”, that deals with a discussion between him and the philosopher Wilhelm Vossenkuhl about philosophical and natural

scientific issues.

In 2009 the federation of superior intelligent humans in germany bestowed the annual german IQ-award on him.

Martin Liebscher Martin Liebscher Martin Liebscher Martin Liebscher Martin Liebscher Martin Liebscher

Martin Liebscher

Martin Liebscher appears a dozen times and even more often in his own pictures. Apparantly this is a computer-manipulated composing with thousands of Liebschers.

Liebscher has been teaching as a professor for design at the Offenbach University of Aplied Arts since 2007. He studied himself at the Städelschule in Frankfurt am Main under Martin Kippenberger and Thomas Bayerle until 1995. Today Liebscher is working as a photo artist and he already recieved noumerous awards for his work. Liebscher is looking for new challenges and superlative in his work of art over and over again. His photo book »Einer für alle« was recently distinguished with the »Deutscher Fotobuchpreis« and is with a meter spread (flipped open) the biggest of its kind. Liebscher calls it with some amusement »little book«. You can guess: This man plans even bigger stuff.

Philip Loersch Philip Loersch Philip Loersch Philip Loersch Philip Loersch Philip Loersch Philip Loersch Philip Loersch

Philip Loersch

Philip Loersch (*1980, Aachen) studied liberal arts in Stuttgart, graduated with a diploma and has been working as a freelance artist in Berlin ever since. He deals in his expansive drawings with diagrams and graphs as well as with the logic of pictures in sciences and arts. In the last few years he often used mathematic or physical questions as starting point of his work. Philip Loersch's drawings were for example exhibited in the Kunsthaus Zürich, in the Musem Kunst Palast Düsseldorf, in the Hamburger Kunsthalle, in the Museum Moderner Kunst Kärnten, as well as internationally in Europe, Asia and in the USA.

Lombardo Lombardo Lombardo Lombardo Lombardo Lombardo Lombardo

Mario Lombardo

Mario Lombardo’s works mainly deal with print and ranges within the cultural context of music, fashion, photography, design, architecture, contemporary art and television. He playfully conquers stilistic and disciplinal borders again and again and creates in this way coherences amongst language, space, aesthetics, material and poetry.

Mario Lombardo was Art Director of the magazine SPEX from 2001 until 2006. At the same time he founded the BUREAU Mario Lombardo in Cologne in 2004, in 2008 suceeded the movement to Berlin. He works for many renowned cultural institutions such as the ZKM in Karlsruhe and the Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, for publications such as “Liebling” and “Dummy” and customers such as Douglas, Fiat, Audi, Toyota, Sony Music, Viva Television and the Berlin Humboldt University. Mario Lombardo is a member of divers photography- and design-jurys (a.o.: LeadAwards, Gute Aussichten, BFF) and teaches at different Design-Universities (a.o.: HfG Offenbach, UdK Berlin, FH Düsseldorf, FH Potsdam,

Merz Akademie, HfK Bremen, Bauhaus Universität Weimar). Mario Lombardo was awarded for his works nationally and internationally more than 70 times. In 2008 he was elected as the Visual Leader Of The Year of the Lead Academy for his creative complete works. 2010 the Gestalten Verlag published the book »The Tender Spot: The Graphic Design of Mario Lombardo«, which assembles the multifaceted repertoire of his works in a monograph. Mario Lombado lives and works in Berlin.

Pixelgarten Pixelgarten Pixelgarten Pixelgarten Pixelgarten Pixelgarten Pixelgarten Pixelgarten


Pixelgarten is a small bureau for multidisciplinary creation based in Frankfurt am Main Germany. It was founded by Catrin Altenbrandt and Adrian Niessler. They have been working for various clients in many fields of design including Illustration, Fashion, Corporate Identity and Editorial Design.

At our Festival, Catrin Altenbrandt will tell us about her creative work and Pixelgarten. Up untill 2007 she studied at the HfG Offenbach and after receiving her diploma she was sponsered by »gute aussichten - junge deutsche fotografie«.

Marc Potocnik Marc Potocnik Marc Potocnik Marc Potocnik Marc Potocnik Marc Potocnik Marc Potocnik Marc Potocnik

Marc Potocnik

Marc Potocnik studied communications design at the accademy of Düsseldorf and since 2001 he owns his company “renderbaron”, an animationstudio for 3D-animations and visual effects in Düsseldorf. ‘Renderbaron’ has already realised numerous projects for common clients als BMW- group, ZDF, RTL, arte (german broadcast stations), RWE, Nokia, Wilkinson Sword, Johnson& Johnson and a great many of medium-sized concerns. Besides 3D- visualizations for a german scientific broadcast , “Abenteuer wissen “ (ZDF), and the BMW group, also visual effects for a german tv broadcast “Alarm für Cobra 11 ( RTL)and TV- spots for Wilkinson Sword and Nokia belong to his references.

The diplom Designer Marc Potocnik decrees in 14years of professional experience in the field of 3D-animation whereby he teaches the right handling with light in 3D as a teacher in training courses. Furthermore he is assistant professor for applied media at the Fresenius Collge in cologne. To get a closer look into his works, Marc Potocnik gives lectures

on famous events, as the Animago Conference or he publishes them in professional trade magazines, as Digital Production.

Philipp Teufel Philipp Teufel Philipp Teufel Philipp Teufel Philipp Teufel Philipp Teufel Philipp Teufel Philipp Teufel

Prof. Philipp Teufel

Philipp Teufel studied visual communications at the HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd and since 1994 he has been working as a Professor for Communication Design at the Design Faculty of the Düsseldorf University of Applied Siences and Arts , focussing on exhibiting and media-specific visualisation. He is Co-head of edi - the exhibition Design Institute. He was a member of the »nowakteufelknyrim« studio association in Düsseldorft from 1995 until 2007. Since 2008 he has been sharing the »malsyteufel« studio with Victor Malsy in Willich. Philip Teufel curates, plans and designs exhibitions and museums as well as guidance and orientation systems. Teufel deals in many publications and presentations with the subject of exhibiting and the museum, communication in space as well as orientation and disorientation.

Andreas Uebele Andreas Uebele Andreas Uebele Andreas Uebele Andreas Uebele Andreas Uebele Andreas Uebele Andreas Uebele

Andreas Uebele

Andreas Uebele studied architecture and urban planning at the University of Stuttgart, as well as art at the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design.

He has managed his own visual communication agency in Stuttgart since 1996 and has been a professor for communications design at Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences since 1998. Andreas Uebele is also a member of the Type Directors Club of New York, the Art Directors Club of New York, a member of the German Design Council and a member of »AGI« (Alliance Graphique Internationale).

In recent years the agency’s work has been honoured with more than 270 national and international awards. In 2003 Büro Uebele won the red dot: grand prix for communication design, one of europe’s foremost design prizes, and 2009 it won germany’s top design prize, The Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany (gold award). Büro uebele’s

work is represented in many international collections and museums.